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We are pleased to offer a unique preschool program which provides growth and learning opportunities for both children with disabilities and their ‘typical peers’ or students without disabilities. We provide Special Education services for preschool-aged children in an up-to-date preschool facility for district residents who have a preschool-aged child receiving services designated in his/her Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  The district offers a developmentally appropriate, fee-based, district preschool program, affording an opportunity for an enriching preschool experience as part of our district programs. 

Limited space is also available in the Tanque Verde Community Preschool program for additional out-of-district preschool students depending on capacity. 

General Information:

Preschool Proposal: The district preschool was approved by the Governing Board at the November 8, 2018 Board Meeting. The board’s action addressed their intent to provide required preschool special education services in a high quality educational environment, under the direction and supervision of the school district.

Preschool Funding: The approved preschool proposal met the district goals through a funding neutral program, using existing available space at Tanque Verde Elementary School, and utilizing current positions to the extent possible.

Curriculum: The district preschool offers a developmentally appropriate, fee-based preschool program, affording an opportunity for an enriching preschool experience under our school district’s oversight.  The preschool incorporates a creative, child-centered, play and inquiry-based program, which aligns with our K-12 educational program, and incorporates STEAM across the curriculum. Limited space is available.

Preschool Capacity:  We currently have two classrooms, both serving 3-5-year-olds  in a mixed-age setting in morning/afternoon half-day sessions, with full and extended day options available. In each classroom, there is one (1) Lead Early Childhood Specialist, and one (1) Paraprofessional, maintaining a 1:9 ratio (max). A preschool director/special education teacher will serve the special education population. For More Information:   Please refer to our Parent Handbook for additional details. 



You may contact the Director, Kristen Kvaran, at (520) 749-4244 x3080 or use email contact link below. 

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